With an essential oil diffuser, anywhere can be transformed into a relaxing space including your home, office or both! A diffuser is an essential oil accessory that helps break down oils and disperse them in the air for aromatic purposes.

There are a few different types of diffusers with the two different types being ultrasonic and atomizing. Young Living offers four different ultrasonic diffusers choices in their Premium Starter Kit to fit your personal preference with different shapes and styles. Each one has added benefits and a look that will fit any space without seeming too obvious. Take a look at the Dew Drop, Rainstone, Aria, and Home.


How Does a Diffuser Work?
A diffuser is small machine that acts similar to a humidifier, by misting into the air. A diffuser holds a mixture of water and a few drops of Young Living Essential Oils (singles or blends) in a well. The diffuser then breaks down the oil that sits on top of the water into millions of microparticles and disperses them into the air. Powerful plant extracts found in Young Living essential oils are then readily available for powerful aromatic effects with each inhalation. When you see the “mist” from a diffuser its actually part water and part oil particles. No heat is added so oils remain completely true to the original form. When you add heat to oils they begin to change and often lose some therapeutic benefits.


Choosing the Best Essential Oil Diffuser 
Where the diffuser will sit plays an important part in helping to decide which type is best for you. Most diffusers cover a certain area range, so know the size of your home or intended room before deciding.
You’ll also want to consider lighting, as some diffusers come with a built-in light and others don’t. Take a look at the four Young Living Diffusers below to learn more about the features of each.

The Four Young Living Essential Oil Diffusers


Dew Drop
  • uses tap water
  • features blue ambient light control
  • continuous run setting
  • functions as a humidifier
  • auto shut off
  • covers 300-400 sq ft
Home (this is an Oil Well favorite)
  • uses distilled or filtered water
  • ambient light control
  • features both interval and continuous run settings (Three-mode setting: Mode 1: Green light – Constant diffusion Mode 2: Red light – 30 seconds intermittent diffusion Mode 3: Off)
  • auto shut off
  • covers 200-300 sq ft
  • uses distilled or filtered water
  • features multi-color LED lights
  • remote control included
  • built-in speakers
  • timer setting
  • maple wood base
  • glass dome
  • covers 200-300 sq ft
  • uses tap water
  • includes 1,2,3,6 & 8 hour timer settings
  • negative ionizer
  • LED light settings
  • remote control included
  • handmade by ceramic artisans
  • covers 300-400 sq ft
Depending on where you want to put your diffuser and the decor of your space will also help you narrow down which to purchase.


How To Properly Use a Diffuser
1. Open the appropriate type of water reservoir by lifting the lid. Add room-temperature water (distilled water is usually recommended unless noted) into the reservoir up to the fill line. Do not exceed the fill line.
2. Add 8-12 drops of your favorite Young Living essential oil into the water.
3. Replace the lid to cover the water reservoir.
4. Plug in the diffuser and push the power switch to start diffusing.
5. When water runs out, the diffuser will automatically shut off.


Once you receive the diffuser, read through care instructions before using and understand the proper way to clean the machine too. Most diffusers are easy to clean, safe to have around the home and add moisture to the air for an added benefit. Because there is a mist output from diffusers, be careful around water-sensitive surfaces as they may get damp.


Still stuck on which diffuser is the best for you? Take this quiz on the Young Living Blog!
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