Hello! My name is Laura Anderson. I am a stay at home mom of two littles, and currently the rank of Gold with Young Living. I’m not sure I can even count the number of ways in which Young Living has improved my life. Having awareness and control of myself and my families health had been so empowering. Knowing exactly what is in the products I use not only on myself, but on my children, and that they are SAFE, makes me the best mommy – errr….feel like the best mommy ever!

Outside of healthy living choices, Young Living also allows me to stay home with my babies financially. Having had no intentions of sharing these products for a profit, starting to get checks after sharing with my friends was such a blessing! We all like to hang with friends, and (wether we like to admit it or not) are constantly scrolling social media, why not get paid for that? I always joke that I would WAY rather get paid while staying home with my kids and dealing with their tantrums, over the stresses of working in ‘professional setting’ and the tantrums of adults 😂.
I have no doubt there is a product our company makes that will change your life. If you want help finding that product, or have questions about our generous compensation plan, please shoot me a message!