So you’ve taken the steps toward building a healthier life and joined the Young Living community- how exciting! It’s an amazing journey filled with self-discovery, new healthy alternatives and easy ways to create a vibrant, yet natural lifestyle for both you and those you care about.

Once you’ve ordered a starter set, either the Basic or Premium Starter Kit and received that beautiful package in the mail, it may feel a bit overwhelming. Essential Oils are fascinating, so be sure to take the time and read up on each oil to educate yourself first.

If you’re starting out with just a few oils instead of a kit, find all you need to know by consulting the Young Living Essential Oils Starter Guide or the Young Living Blog. You can also find easy ways to start using the Starter Kit oils here at The Oil Well through our Essential Oils Everyday series. Each month we’ll be sharing common ways to get the most out of oils found in the Starter Kit.

After reading up on all the great Essential Oil uses, it’s time to start gathering