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June is a sentimental time of the year for so many. It is a time of meaningful ends and hopeful beginnings. June is also the month we take time to honor the men in our lives who give support, guidance, and generous amounts of love. Young Living is kicking off this heartfelt month with some incredible promotions that you won’t want to miss!

With any order of 190 PV you will receive a 5-ml bottle of Geranium essential oil. Place a 190 PV  Essential Rewards order and in addition to a 5-ml bottle of Geranium you will also earn a 5-ml bottle of Jade Lemon essential oil!

Geranium essential oil has a soft floral scent that is remarkably uplifting yet calming at the same time. It’s uses include respiratory, liver, circulatory, and nervous system support and has great ability to revitalize body tissues. Geranium is great for skin which makes it a favorite among The Oil Well team for DIY eye and face creams . When diffused it helps release negative memories and is a wonderful addition to shampoos and body washes!

Jade Lemon came on the scene at Grand Convention last year and quickly became a beloved addition to drinking water and a pleasant scent to diffuse. This exotic oil is high in d-limonene which is known for boosting ones mood and supporting clarity of mind. We call is Lemon’s sexy sister as the fragrance and smell are similar to lemon with a hint of lime. This oil is also useful for cleaning, purifying, and detox.

Hit the 250 PV mark and not only will you get the Geranium but you will also receive 20 Essential Rewards points! Since Essential Rewards points spend like cash you are essentially getting $20 to put towards free product!

Place an order of 300PV and Young Living will also give you a bottle of Life5!

Life5 is a powerful probiotic that delivers five strains of beneficial bacteria, two of which are super strains. Most of us have heard how important probiotics are for our overall health so it is vital that we supply our guts with the proper flora to maintain optimal health and wellness. I was astonished when I learned that even our mood is effected by the good bacteria in our digestive tract and that taking a probtioic can improve your sense of well being while simultaneously improving digestion and nutrient absorption.

For full details on these amazing promotions click here.

May June be a sweet time with your Grads and Dads! Be well, oil well!